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I would just like to say that I had a blast at Wild West last weekend! The roads were beautiful as always, the weather wasn't too bad and everything went so smoothly that there was only one 20 minute delay during the whole event. I have to thank Derek Bottles for giving me a new brake line- I wouldn't have made it without it. And I had a really cool co-driver, Duffy Bowers who flew out from the East coast and missed some classes to ride with me. And Wild West was a girl-friendly event- where else can you go fast and sideways and get free shoes?!?! Piloti rocks. And of course, without help from Bilstein and Techno Square, I would have been a lot slower. The car handled superbly and the engine is better than ever. I just had a great time and finally figured out how to drive FAST. Thanks! BIG : )

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