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I'd like to take a moment to publicly thank my crew of spectator marshalls for kicking ass all weekend at Ojibwe.

In alphabetical order:
Kory, Matt, Melissa, Nick, Rob, and Travis.
"No one gets left behind. Even if it's your own fault that you ran out of gas."

Thank you to the other crew of spectator marshalls who came to our aid in bannering and after the crossroads was done - including but not limited to Dan, Alex, and Scott.

I don't know if you all heard, but Beryl-Ann and Bruce were raving about how Doc Schrader was allegedly raving about the spectator areas. Kudos to you, guys.

I'd like to thank the competitors, crews, and spectators, for giving us something to do... :)

Finally, I'd like to make my apologies for being a p00pyhead to those sweet little [link:www.mulletsgalore.com|mullet] headed kids. After much reflection, I think that I should have let you play that free form soccer/kickball/cricket thing in the spectator area for a while longer. My bad.

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At one spot I was at, Doc told some people they could stand at the end of a straight as long as they stay behind the banner tape. Thankfully, the marshalls told them to move anyway. That was not a smart place to spectate.

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I would like to send out a resounding Thank You to everyone involved in the rally...workers, organizers, etc.

The weather wasn't great on Friday night...but I am glad they all stuck around to help. I can't say that I have ever rallied in the lightning!!
It was a great event...nice roads...fast and fun!!! Little slippery..but that is what rally is about.

This was my first event outside the NW....and I was very happy to be a part of it.

Darn rutts in the Super Special Stage!!!! ;)


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