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To Ray, Roger, Donna, Lynnette, and all the others who made the Ramada Express International Rally possible for the last five (and next fifty?) years: A BIG THANK YOU!

This year you even arranged for wonderful weather. The roads, as always, were stellar, the people were friendly and helpful, and the hotel and other sponsors did their best to make us feel welcome.

This is my favorite rally of the year and with good reason, but there will always be areas that can be improved. I'm happy to note that the ARSG organizers are always receptive to making their event better, so I'm sure next year the service area parking situation will be improved and the time cards will look more like FIA time cards.

Even though we lost the engine on the third stage, I'm happy we got a chance to race in the Ramada Express International Rally. I'm already looking forward to next year!

P.S. I was happy to get a chance to recce the stages too--I hadn't done that since Cherokee Trails, so I was a little nervous about it. Though we broke down early, several other teams used my notes and seemed happy with them, so I'll go in next year with a little more confidence about my pace notes.


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