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2002 has been a difficult season. The people of the PRB have been placed in especially awkward positions. Some of their actions, or actions that appear to have come from the PRB, have generated plenty of heat. Many of the club's members, including myself, have corresponded with the PRB individually and as a group about the many problems our sport has faced this year.

In short, the PRB members have a thankless job. They've each accepted a position that consumes their free time, fills their ears, burns their eyes, and scorches their back sides. Thankfully, they are competitors like ourselves, and are as passionate about our sport as the rest of us. In private conversations with many of the PRB members over the year, I know they share many of our own frustrations.

Though I disagree with some of the decisions that have been made in their name, and the actions that have occurred, I am nonetheless appreciative of the great effort and committment the PRB members have made for our sport. On a personal level as well as a leadership level, they have done the best they can in often-difficult situations, trying to balance what is good for the members and the sport with other realities.

So, this is a personal thank you note to the PRB members and a couple of other key volunteers. [ul]
[li]To Ralph, who heads the board, and who loaned me his driver's suit at Maine 2000, thank you. Congratulations on your championship.
[li]To J.B., an outspoken (read: eloquent) competitor, who's job is to capture the notes of the meetings and yet keep quiet about things that aren't yet ready for prime time, and who is always great fun to hang out with, thank you. (Exposure? No big deal--at least there are no trees!)
[li]To Beryl-Ann, who gives selflessly for so many, and always welcomes competitors with a big smile, and served wonderfully as ClubRally Steward Liaison, thank you. You ought to wear those LSPR hats at all your rallies--they brighten up the day!
[li]To Doc, who takes safety seriously, and who stands up for what is right and yet can party with the best of the crowd, thank you. It was a joy to crew for you and Leslie last year even if it did mean fetching you two from the woods!
[li]To Bill B, though I don't recall having met you, thank you.
[li]To George, whose laid-back surfer style is a perfect fit for your competitor liaison role, and who has been great fun to race with as a team mate (thanks Tato Motorsports!) , thank you. I can't wait for next year when we'll tackle the world again.
[li]To Phil, a Director that actually attends rallies, thank you.
[li]To John McA, our newest SoPac resident, who helped make STPR a great event, and who took on the PRSS role for years, thank you.
[li]To Dan, 2002 PRSS, for doing his damnedest for the competitors in an intense year, thank you. As series enforcer you've got possibly the toughest job of all.
[li]To Doug and Sue, for bringing an extra layer of professionalism to our Scrutineering process, and for moving to Topeka even though your CRS buds all miss you a lot, thank you.
[li]To the other ClubRally Stewards, who helped me realize that I'm not alone in some of my concerns, and who offered wonderful insight into the stewarding side of the equation, thank you.
[li]To the organizers of the rallies, club and pro alike, who would be millionaires all if they were paid what they're worth for what they contribute to our sport, thank you.

Okay, so I got a little long-winded. Sorry 'bout that, but these people are my friends even when we don't see eye to eye. I think everyone should know how much we appreciate their dedication and sincerety.


[p align=right]John Dillon
John @ WidgetRacing.com
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