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This is to thank everyone who worked and participated in the opening RallyCross at RallyPark NorthEast. This permanent Rally facility will be the site of many more and varied events in the future. We are striving to correct the logistical problems that occured at this first event, which is probably the largest geographical area RallyCross held to date. E-mail me at [email protected] if you want to be on the RallyPark NorthEast e-mail list. More info can be found at www.rauschcreekracing.com and http://www.rallyracingnews.com/nepro/02nedivsched.html

Additionally, I'd like to inform everyone that there is an excellent opportunity for testing and asphalt practice at Pocono Raceway this coming weekend. This is being hosted by Entropy Racing's Charlie Greenhaus, who did a tremendous amount of work at the RallyPark, and is a Ralliest at heart (and old SAAB fanatic who ran a mint 96 for a stage at the event). For info on the events go to: http://www.entropyracing.net/asp/LappingDay.asp

There will also be a Racing School at this event, plus instruction available for the lapping days. -Andrew B. Smith, RallyPark NorthEast

Sorry for any cross posting. -abs
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