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Tech. inspections at every rally.........

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On the topic of tech inspection:

- Why is a car completely gone through at EVERY rally?

Every rally I have my cage, seat mountings, fire extinguisher date's, etc. checked?

If NOTHING was written in the logbook from the previous event, why is everything checked at every event?

Just a question.

Road racers that I know get an annual tech at the beginning of the year and throughout the year they only take there logbook to registration. Unless SOMETHING is written in the logbook like "contact", out of date this or that, or fix this, the car isn't checked.

This would require the logbooks to be used correctly in my opinion.

I've thrown away one car after the crash and had some heavy impacts and NEVER had anything written in my logbook at an SCCA event....EVER.

After putting my car into a swamp in Canada, they wrote a detailed description of the damage in the book. In Canada you have to fill out your Event Comments form before you get your logbook back (they take them at registration).

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Just to give you Guys the UK perspective on it.
At every event the cars get scrutineared by a competent inspecter (Well allegedly competent) all that is checked is the safety gear, fire extinguisher pull cords, cut off switch, structure of the car roll cage etc, relevant log books with details of roll cage details and cars details and crews helmets and suits.
The car gets a log book at the begining of its life, issued by the govening body after a more thorough inspection.
Things like suspension components are not checked as they expect the crews to look after there cars!
Higher up the ladder though in the BRC all the above is done and more besides such as turbo inspecting that sort of thing. All to comply with FIA type regs. ;)
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