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Hi Rally Guys and Gals!
It is that time to ask if anyone of you can help us out. We are in need of at least 8 more spectator marshalls, 4 on the banner team and a couple more on Tech. So if you could not get your car ready in time and you would love to share your rally stories and enjoy the party and get a free Rim t-shirt and other worker perks (car decals)....(whew) then come out and volunteer your time! Contact me at [email protected].
Oh by the way people who read this message that do not have a car to prepare, please contact me as well. We would love to have you. Spectator Marshalls help in the spectator areas and be upfront to see all the cool cars go by ona hot stage. So think about it and remember you get all of the good worker perks that go along with it. Thanks for reading see ya there!

Denise McMahon
Global Operations Co-Director/Co-Organizer
Human Resource Director
Rim Of The World Rally
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