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Tarmac rallying in SoCal.

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Pete Morris (building "Son of CoROLLa").As most of you know by now, this year's Treeline will be a 2 day affair. How many would support me if I asked for a big increase in mileage for an ALL TARMAC rally for next year? I mean daytime tarmac stages with the possibility of close to 80 miles if time permits. Let me know, I'll do the rest. I have my foot in the door and the authorities I am dealing with are working with me. Let me hear it and you can have the best of both worlds! As I've said in a previous post, I am prepared to put on 4 events next year. How would Treeline 2 sound for the tarmac rally plus 2 other hard surface rallies sound? INPUT, INPUT, INPUT!!!!
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Bring it on Pete, that'll give us slowpoke car builders time to get our cars done! Maybe by then...

The more divisionals in SoCal, the better...can never have too many rallies. Tarmac is the one thing we're lacking here in the southwest (the other is Pro events, but that doesn't concern me). That would be a welcomed event.

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I'm all for more rally in SC. Tarmac will be great, because it's gentel on the car. There is a big gap betwen the last rally and Rim, and an other big gap to Gorman. If you could put some tarmac Rally betwen that would make a great series. It would be an other way to attract more people to rally. A lot of people don't wont to rally, 'cause they don't wont to destroye there daily car in dirt rally (or I should say Rock Rally we have in Southern Cal). Tarmac would be perfect. And it would give a chance to the Open 2wd to beat the 4wd.
The more the better.
Pete, we are SO THERE! I have dreamed of racing on those roads since I first drove them at 16 years old!!!

Also I'm with Julius on the name, it has to be the TARLINE Rally

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I guess "Tarline" would be better than "TreeSmack"...

If my car will make it up the hill, I'll be there :)
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