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"I am a tarmac specialist living in chatsworth california . I have logged 75,000.00 miles on tarmac all over the LA and ventura county mtn roads in 2002 GTI 1.8T vw grp5 RALLY car . I run an under ground tarmac club in my area for the last three yrs . It is a small group of tarmac rally warriors hoping for the day that tarmac will find its way into US rally.
Until then I am in the process of preping the car for dirt and gravel because there are no tarmac rallies on the board . Its great to see that there are others out in rally who want tarmac rally events , I have posted a thread on rally america about this same issue on questions to organizers . I personally talked to JB the owner of RA and he said it would cost to much for teams to change the car over for tarmac .I think
its an insurance thing and its alot of extra work that RA can not handle at this time , also I think they would loose a number of teams do to the danger of tarmac high speed rallies , It is a whole differnt world
of fear and comitment to driving a rally car . Not to take any hting away from dirt gravel or snow , do not get me wrong"

You are not a specialist you are an idiot period exclamation point. Thanks for nothing you and your "underground tarmac club" are the people that pretty much singlehandedly ruined tarline for folks last year. Why don't you and you "underground club" buddies post your address so people that bought tires and other equipment for that event can send you the bill. If I sound harsh well the fact is it is really really really hard to get roads and organizers and sanctioning bodies bust their ass to get roads and people like you do not help. JUST BECAUSE YOU DRIVE UP AND DOWN STUNT, TUNA, GMR, BALDY, PAYUMA, SANTA SUZANA PASS, ANGELES, AND MULHOLLAND DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU GUYS ARE TARMAC RALLYIST. I too was once like yourself and ran around in the canyons thinking it was like a rally but I was totally wrong and I am man enough to admit that. IF you really want to get a tarmac rally why don't you and your "club members" go and work at Rim, GOrman, Treeline, Seed 9, and Desert stom all are within a days drive and would show you how to properly organize an event and then you can go to the forest service, CHP, and county officials and then you and your "club members" can run something properly. WIt hthe enviromentalist, residents, and other goverment officials already looking at a lot of rally as "people playing in the woods" we have to change this perception if we would like to continue to use the roads. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Too many times at rallys in the past three years I have seen spectators and other enthusiastic fans driving like idiots following the rally cars on transits but bad things can happen, look at poor Gary Cavett who got sideswiped on his transit to the first stage at Rim 2003 which basically ruined his rally, or that idiot that flipped his WRX a year or two ago (Ojibwe, LSPR I cannot remember) which ended up severely hurting a passenger or even local in So Cal the gourp of guys that drowned when they were canyon running down in San Diego area and went off the road. There is a time and a place for everything and open public roads are never an appropriate place for racing around god forbid you hurt yourself or anyone else but things happen even with the best intentions.

IF YOU TRULLY WANT TO GET A TARMAC RALLY GOING CALL PETE MORRIS, or RAY HOCKER, PAULA GIBEAULT, OR ROGER ALLISON they are local to SOcal and can help you navigate through the proper channels to get an event there are a ton of roads to run the ball is in your court.
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