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>Rally Tennesee is all Tarmac,
>+ Recce
>I am big on getting tarmac experience, and will be competing
>there for sure.
>Although for the WRC Tarmac experience is less and less
>important as the FIA wants new rounds to be Gravel.
>I hate the attitude that Gravel = Rally and if you want Tarmac
>you should be on a track. Whats the story with that.

Matt I feel the same way. I think there should be a good mixture of tarmac/gravel. And I will also be there. I run a Proflex setup that works on tarmac or gravel with diff. springs. So I dont buy the excuse it will cost more. But I suppose you could still hit a tree. I sure hope we get a good turnout. You live down there dont you Matt?

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