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It's official folks, no tarmac event, YET! I'm looking into the possibility of using the road for a hillclimb as suggested by Mr Jonesi. I have already sent in the cheque as an insurance deposit for a rally, so I'll talk to Solo tomorrow and get it changed. No idea yet of how many runs we can get, but I'll work on it. Will get back as soon as I have the info. 7.5 miles X 6 runs? Nice mileage, but that depends on # of entries.

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Pete, how about a hillclimb series if this clubrally hassle continues? (Or even if it doesn't?)

I'd help with that if you need it. (Provided I get to compete, that is, as that's what puts me off the organizer bit)

After proving the concept with rally cars, I'm sure that you'd be overwhelmed with entries from NASA, Speedtrial, and SCCA Solo/Clubracers.

Even if they had to modify their cars for safety to CRS regs.

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