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Targa Canada West proudly launches a new event in the Pacific Northwest... Targa Bambina – May 24, 2010. (Victoria Day Holiday, Canada.)

Targa Canada West’s “Targa Bambina” is a one-day competitive motorsport event open to sports cars of all makes, models and vintages. Taking place in and around Kelowna, BC, Canada – on the twistiest paved public roads between mountains, lakes and vineyards. (The roads are safely and temporarily closed to the public).

Bambina is a comfortable way to try the Targa experience. Regular street-legal cars can enter in Class 1 & 2 – after which additional safety equipment is required (roll cage, etc.) in higher speed classes 3 to 6.

This one-day format is more flexible than a 5-day full Targa (regarding vehicle entries). In particular, we are working with the Knox Mountain Hillclimb organizers to have as many of their competitors as possible eligible for Bambina (the Hillclimb is also in Kelowna on the previous two days, May 22 and 23).

To register, or for more info (sponsor, competitor, and/or volunteer) see: http://www.targacanadawest.com/. (Note, the full five-day Targa event is May 22-27, 2011.)

Targa Canada West: Mountains of motorsport adventure.

Duane Bentley, Director, Marketing & Sponsorship
[email protected] or 250 469 1416.
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