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Attention Competitors!

The Rally of the Tall Pines Committee has been hard at work to bring competitors what we hope will be the best rally in the event's 35 year history. With the event fast approaching, we've been listening closely to competitor feedback and are confident that this year's event won't disappoint!

On-line entry has been open for some time now and we are steadily receiving entries. If you are planning on entering the event, be sure to submit your TEAM BIO to Inside Track Communications for inclusion in this year's Spectator Guide! DEADLINE FOR TEAM BIO SUBMISSIONS IS OCT. 31, 2005! Team Bio's should be emailed along with a high-resolution picture to [email protected]. Don't miss this great opportunity to promote your team and sponsors to 6,000 readers!

Among the new features and improvements that the Rally of the Tall Pines is offering this year to competitors are:

* A new "Competitor News" section added to the official website that consolidates all important competitor announcements into a single location (visit http://www.tallpinesrally.com/TallPines/Default.aspx?tabid=15).

* Support from LEAF Racewear & Safety Equipment Inc. to provide ALL competitors with gift certificates for LEAF product. See the event website for full details.

* Support from Subaru Canada Inc. through their 2005 Subaru Contingency Program. See the event website for full details.

* Organizer supplied Descriptive Stage Notes prepared by 6-time Canadian Rally Champion Driver Tom McGeer and Co-Driver Mark Williams. Mark Williams has 19 years of co-driving experience in both "blind" and "pace-note" style stage rallies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Scandinavia. He has earned an impressive record of 45 podium finishes, 24 wins and 4 series championships from over 100 event starts in National and WRC events. Descriptive Stage Notes details have been posted on www.tallpinesrally.com.

* A Notes Familiarization Pass to allow rally teams at least one pass over all stage road while still keeping a compact 2-day event schedule.

* A new combined Route Book / Descriptive Stage Notes format designed by Mark Williams that greatly simplifies the driver / co-driver experience. A description and details of this new format have been posted on the event website.

* A revised route plan to remove all extremely rough "car breaker" sections of stage road.

* A revised Regional (OPRC) schedule that will allow teams entered in the Regional Only portion of the event to drive through all Spectator Areas as well as gain valuable experience driving in night time conditions. Finally, Regional competitors will get their chance to drive through the famous Castledine's Corner night time spectator area!

Once the dust settles after the long day of competition, be sure to buy your team mates a drink in your new Tall Pines Beer Mug at the Post Rally Party and take in the sounds of FOREFRONT, the Official Rally of the Tall Pines Band!

For more information please visit: www.tallpinesrally.com

Thanks to all competitors for your support and we hope to see you all at the Rally of the Tall Pines on 25-26th November 2005

Richard Hepburn

Richard Hepburn
Coordinator - Rally of the Tall Pines
Website: http://www.tallpinesrally.com
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