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This is a tough call. As a dirt poor privateer who has "finishing issues", superally would help me a lot. I'd accumulate a lot of points. But, I have three main issues with it:

1. This sport is confusing enough already, and now are we are gonna throw in a crazy scoring system on top of it. "You mean the guy who won the rally, didn't really win?" We need to remember that we don't have an educated fan base yet. The stupid American public still hasn't grasped rally as it is. Heck, they can barely handle carburated cars driving around in circles.

2. It's gets too far away from one of the core essences of rally, finishing. I might sound like a hipocrit here as I've been a proponent of a number of modern changes, such as daylight rallying, centralized service, etc... but I think eliminating the need to finish the rally goes to far. Driving fast is fun and exciting, but getting to the end is still an integral part of the challenge that makes up a rally.

3. I'm not sure it would really help the privateers. With their deeper resources, the big buck teams would just push like mad every day without consequence, and then spend all night rebuilding the car. Making the overall finish important at least levels the playing field a little bit.

I like some of the ideas of superally. Awarding daily points would cut out the road position game drivers play, and the ability to reenter an event is nice when you go out with a stupid problem on the first stage. If I were doing it, I'd award a few points for the daily wins, just enough to make people try for them, but I'd still award like 10 times the points for the overall win. In other words, the emphasis still needs to focused on the overall.

Dennis Martin
[email protected]
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