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WRC is now testing out the Australian Championship and Asia Pacific championship Super Rally Scroring system

Do you think such system would be welcomed in our Pro Rally championship. (Pro events that are 2 days you get points awarded for each of the 2 days, if you brake on day 1 you can rejoin the event on day2 and still score some points)

Lets hear the feedback.

just to be clear, this is just a posting on my personal behalf.
This is no way implies what the SCCA or the PRB are thinking about.

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>SuperRally sounds way better than Performance Rally.
>SupaRally (pronounced soo-PAH-rally) sounds even better.
>Better yet, SupaDupaRally! Now that would be waayyy cool.
>Who wants to go drifting when you can go SupaDupaRally?
>We have thems kids linin' up round da block ta do da

I think you've been hanging out with JVL a bit too much Kevin - less catnip in your tea next time. ;)

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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