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WRC is now testing out the Australian Championship and Asia Pacific championship Super Rally Scroring system

Do you think such system would be welcomed in our Pro Rally championship. (Pro events that are 2 days you get points awarded for each of the 2 days, if you brake on day 1 you can rejoin the event on day2 and still score some points)

Lets hear the feedback.

just to be clear, this is just a posting on my personal behalf.
This is no way implies what the SCCA or the PRB are thinking about.

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Hear me out on this, I think that this does not make any sense. Part of rally is that you must have a car that finishes, attrition is a factor and that is why we alow sevicing during an event. Now I htink that super rally only makes sense if we only allow refueling and tire changes only during each day, then at the end of Friday you could then service a car or on a three day event you could service on Friday and Saturday.
The luddite in me says it's not rally anymore. Whatever happened to long gruelling events run at night, when it was a victory just to finish? The answer, of course, is that it died.

I think that if WRC looks at this sort of arrangement, then we should also. It would certainly give the privateer who spends a significant percentage of his(her) time and money on the sport more bang for his(her) buck. It also puts more emphasis on driving(and less on luck) for the serious contender. However, any contemplation of such an arrangement must be carefully thought out and fully discussed. Like course notes, it may be very difficult to close that particular Pandora's box, once opened.
Aren't most Pro events also run as two club events? Like STPR is two club events, so if you want to run a "super rally" just sign up for all three. If you only make it through 1/2 the event at least you finished the first club event.

It's not the same as what you are talking about, but it achieves almost the same result while preserving the essense of rally...

NC Rally Team
the one main benefit of the ARC super series points system (NOT what the FIA is recommending for 2005) - is that full points are awarded each day, so each day becomes a sprint, so people will go full out all day.

You still have the gruelling endurance blah blah BS because you still want to get maximum points, if you are a contender. So you still have to finish, but the stakes are much higher to go all out for the win.
It also brings into the fold the element of tactics. Currently, when you go from Friday to Saturday, you track how many seconds you are in front or behind you competition. With the points system, you now have to track where you finished with respect to your competition. Let's say that Driver A finished day one in 2nd and Driver B finished 4th and only 10 seconds behind. Now, for driver B to "WIN" the total event, he must put 2 competitors between himself and Driver A on Saturday. Not just gain back 11 seconds on Saturday for the win.

IMHO, it make a rally more a points game than a race.

With that said, I do have some level of support to the concept. Way too many times been out of an event early for a simple problem.

Bill Westrick
Available Co-Driver At Large
& CFR Chief of Controls
Inherent in the idea would be the ability to split the rally into two (or more) approximately equal parts. Example: would LSPR day 2 be worth the same as LSPR day 1? Do we then have to get back into coefficients for ProRallies? How much time would the rules require there to be between the two "rallies"?

It appears that the FIA like idea for the WRC because there aren't enough top cars in each rally (mainly due to the new FIA rules), so they are trying to maintain the show element (all IMO, of course). If you have events that are basically two one-day rallies, then it makes sense (as in the Australian example), but I think there would be inequities in the system unless the structure of all our events changed so that they had a consistent schedule (good luck on that ;-)).

I think this is a really good idea. It puts less emphasis on luck and more on the driver. I too had little problems on day one or two that put me out of the points, where with seperate scoring for each day, the best driver is rewarded not the luckiest.

Piotr Wiktorczyk
This is a tough call. As a dirt poor privateer who has "finishing issues", superally would help me a lot. I'd accumulate a lot of points. But, I have three main issues with it:

1. This sport is confusing enough already, and now are we are gonna throw in a crazy scoring system on top of it. "You mean the guy who won the rally, didn't really win?" We need to remember that we don't have an educated fan base yet. The stupid American public still hasn't grasped rally as it is. Heck, they can barely handle carburated cars driving around in circles.

2. It's gets too far away from one of the core essences of rally, finishing. I might sound like a hipocrit here as I've been a proponent of a number of modern changes, such as daylight rallying, centralized service, etc... but I think eliminating the need to finish the rally goes to far. Driving fast is fun and exciting, but getting to the end is still an integral part of the challenge that makes up a rally.

3. I'm not sure it would really help the privateers. With their deeper resources, the big buck teams would just push like mad every day without consequence, and then spend all night rebuilding the car. Making the overall finish important at least levels the playing field a little bit.

I like some of the ideas of superally. Awarding daily points would cut out the road position game drivers play, and the ability to reenter an event is nice when you go out with a stupid problem on the first stage. If I were doing it, I'd award a few points for the daily wins, just enough to make people try for them, but I'd still award like 10 times the points for the overall win. In other words, the emphasis still needs to focused on the overall.

Dennis Martin
[email protected]
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I think that Luck has nothing to do with finishing, that is part of the game. If your car breaks then wither you did not prep correctly. IF you have a little off that is driver error, I personally feel that you make your own luck.
SuperRally sounds way better than Performance Rally.
SupaRally (pronounced soo-PAH-rally) sounds even better.
Better yet, SupaDupaRally! Now that would be waayyy cool.
Who wants to go drifting when you can go SupaDupaRally?
We have thems kids linin' up round da block ta do da SupaDupa!
>3. I'm not sure it would really help the privateers. With
>their deeper resources, the big buck teams would just push
>like mad every day without consequence, and then spend all
>night rebuilding the car.

Not if you put the cars in Parc ferme (or expose, which is it?) overnight with only a standard 30 minute or so service. Isn't that what WRC does also?
Parc Ferme. You cannot touch-a da car.
Parc Expose. People walk around, take pictures, and the teams work like MAD to finish the car.

At least, that's how I know it......
Please someone correct me if I'm wrong (or because...)
>SuperRally sounds way better than Performance Rally.
>SupaRally (pronounced soo-PAH-rally) sounds even better.
>Better yet, SupaDupaRally! Now that would be waayyy cool.
>Who wants to go drifting when you can go SupaDupaRally?
>We have thems kids linin' up round da block ta do da
Soooooooopah doooopah idea!
man with your new Bling Bling WHITE engine compartment and your SopaDopa Volvo2300 SopaTurbo you da bomb

Kevin "The Såpa Chin" Hawkinson
Lunatic Sopa Volvo weenie and mechanical engineering student

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

Black Rocket Rally Tires
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>SuperRally sounds way better than Performance Rally.
>SupaRally (pronounced soo-PAH-rally) sounds even better.
>Better yet, SupaDupaRally! Now that would be waayyy cool.
>Who wants to go drifting when you can go SupaDupaRally?
>We have thems kids linin' up round da block ta do da

I think you've been hanging out with JVL a bit too much Kevin - less catnip in your tea next time. ;)

>SuperRally sounds way better than Performance Rally.
>SupaRally (pronounced soo-PAH-rally) sounds even better.
>Better yet, SupaDupaRally! Now that would be waayyy cool.
>Who wants to go drifting when you can go SupaDupaRally?
>We have thems kids linin' up round da block ta do da

Kevin you are very wise.

We now see that the evolution of the sport is as such:

rally....performance rally....super rally....supaduparally

The former director has gotta be kicking himself for not coming up with "SupaDupaRally".
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>We now see that the evolution of the sport is as such:
>rally....performance rally....super rally....supaduparally

Yep! You got it!

But dude, check this out.
See, it's like, way back in the stone age, when JVL started rallying, they drove about a thousand miles in 2 day, and the entrance fees were only, like, a dollar, dude. Ok, maybe a buck-fifty.
But, like how much does it cost to enter a rally now? Ya know, I heard from my friend's sister's stepson-in-law that the race out by Olympia this weekend cost like about $450, dude! And those dudes only get to drive maybe a hundred miles, ya know brah? And that's like a cheap race dude. Man there's like these dudes that drive all over the country, to maybe like 10 or 12 races a year, and each race costs like a thousand dollars just to enter! Can you like believe that dude? Talk about blowin a wad man! HaHA! That's like hella dough, brah! Them dudes gotta be sporting some blingity-bling, know what I mean, dude?
But now check this out man. With this new SupaRally thing, it's like you get two small races for the price of one big race. No man, not the old-skool type big race, but like the new style "big" race. Ya, that's right, the kind where these bling-bling dudes are takin two whole days to drive as far as my man Jake here can drive in an hour, maybe an hour and a half on some really twisty roads. But these dudes are talking bout this SupaRally thing, where, like if they break down or somethin on the first day, them they get to go again on the second day. Can you believe that man? The blingity-bling crew is like totally tryin ta rewrite the rules so just in case their $50,000 racecar can't do the first 50 miles, then they get to try again the next day! Awww.. I think somebody needs a hug... BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!
But see, this new SupaDupaRally thing I'm talkin bout just cuts right through all that noise man. Check this oout dawg.
First of all, entrance fees are like about a hundred thousand dollars. Then, ya get like a football stadium, see, and ya pile a bunch of dirt in it, ya know with, like bulldozers and dumptrucks, right? And ya make like jumps and hairpin turns and stuff like that right? And ya charge like 10 or 20 bucks for people to watch, right, so your not charging as much as like, Ozzfest, but definitely more than a, um, ya know that band from DC that only charges like five bucks, um, I forgot their name but you know who I talking bout, right? Anyway, so ya got this football stadium full of people at like 20 bucks a head and they're watching these, like million dollar cars just gettin karayzee off these jumps and berms like mad, ya know dawg. I'm tellin ya it's like totally SICK brah!

But ya know, I'm sittin here, thinkin, man, I ain't got no million dollars, or no hundred g's ta throw around just ta fly off a few jumps or carve a few berms. I just wanna drive my car in the woods. Maybe see, compare myself with the other dudes drivin their cars in the woods, so we can say, dude, I was kickin yer bootay today, or ya know whatever. Yea, that's what I want. Just drive my car like a monkey with a typewriter, man, ya know know what I mean?

PS, man dude homie g, it was like so totally freakin hard to stay in character for this one man. I had to be sooo careful with the cursewords, like fo real!

PPS It's the wine. And the 10 hour workday.}>
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RE: "drive my car like a monkey with a typewriter"

I stuck with it and got to,
"drive my car like a monkey with a typewriter"
Did you just make that up or who did?
Quite profound, Dude.
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