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IF i remember correctly the SCCA requires an SFi rated suit on all rally events. THe suits sold in Europe do not have SFi rating patch on them but are the exact same FIA approved suit but without SFI patch what does the SCCA do when a Euro comes here for an event? Require a different suit? OR are we just required to use an FIA approved racing suit? I am confused since a sparco dealer told me today that the only difference between euro and USA suits was the SFi rating and that the british suits do not have SFI. Just trying to get some clarity since I cannot find my rule book and the fact that there seems to be exceptions to these rules when there is a reasonable explanation.

just found the book and it says that FIA homologated suits are okay otherwise they must be SFI so no SFI is okay. :) Unless I read that part wrong.

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One of the drivers I sit with and I both have Sparco Prima Top suits. He bought his from DemonTweeks (UK) and I bought mine from a US retailer, who gets their stock from Sparco USA. The suits are structurally and visually identical. Except mine has an SFI label stiched on the arm.

At no time has anyone in scrutineering raised a question about either suit.

And I read the rulebook as you do; for reference to others, the section is p.33 5.2.A. FIA approved; ok. SFI 3-2A/1 or better; ok.

- Christian

Bjorn Christian Edstrom
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