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geez talk about a unaswerable question.

which I will now waste your time trying to answer }>

How much have you got?

HUGE number of variables

What spec do you want to build to?
Shoestring bare minimum?
Preped to last one season?
Preped to be competative?
Wing and a prayer hope it makes it to the end?
Are you doing the work yourself or paying a shop to do it?

Factors to consider when creating a budget to get off the ground.(ballparks in Canadian $)

Non Car specific Items (those which cost pretty much the same regardless of which vehicle you choose)

Cage $2,000-3,500
Seats $1,000-3,000
Belts $400-800
Intercom $100-400
Odo $250-1400
Skid Plating $200-600
Helmets $600-1800
Suits $800-3000
Tires $400-unlimited
Suspension $2,000-10,000

But more importantly consider the car specific items because you _WILL_ break stuff a LOT

Control arms
Ball Joints
Tie rods
drive shafts
Body panels
transmisions (this is a subie)

when coosing a car you should always price (and ensure a source for) these bits and factor at least one of each into your running budget.

this portion of the budget has made a lot of Audi fanatics consider a VW. Audi control Arm $143 VW CA $49

YOU'll find most folks in this sport suffer from "Total Denial" meaning they just don't want to know the total of what they've spent. They will steadfastly refuse to do the math.

those that have find that they average out to between $2,000 (shoestring) and $15,000 (competative runner) PER EVENT Participated in when you take the total spent building the car and running and devide it by event entries

It gets worse when you devide by stage miles (especially if you have a habit of departing the road)

There was thread on the US forum a little while ago asking what people were willing to pay for a "arive and drive"...
when the number $5,000 was suggested some folks freaked and said Nasty things about the authors drug habbits...others said "hey that's pretty reasonable"

So bottom line is it'll cost a bundle.

straight at T
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>is this possible to build a legacy 1991 to 1994 to P4 specs?

Yes. You'd be advised to use a turbo if you want to be competetive. BTW, the 1992 and 1993 Canadian Rally Championships (overall) were won by a PGT (P4) Legacy Turbo.

>and if it would how much would it cost me?

See Andrew's post. To work out how much it would cost you need to have an idea of what you hope to achieve with it.

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