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1) Leave mobile phone in pocket at all times the car is moving.
2) Look further down the road to anticipate what is happening. Don't just stare at the rear of the car in front of you.
3) Expect that everyone will do dumb shit around you.
4) Always be monitoring your mirrors and know what is around you in case you need to make evasive actions. Just because you are going straight ahead and not planning on turning doesn't mean you can stop monitoring your mirrors. Know what is happening ahead of you and behind you.
5) And I usually don't add this for new drivers, but when you are understeering in a panic (ie, locked brakes, turning wheel, going straight where you don't want to go), back off the brakes and unwind the steering a bit until you can get more steering purchase. It's amazing how folks do just the opposite when bad shit happens.
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