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STPR is pleased to announce that Mr. Hubert Gramling, Safety Consultant at the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety will be attending the rally.

Mr. Gramling will be speaking on Rally Car Safety Cell concepts. His presentation is scheduled to begin at 8 pm thursday at St. Paul?s Episcopal Church on Walnut Street (where registration is).

He will be available after his talk for discussion, and will also be at Tech on Friday morning, and possibly at some of the service areas on Saturday.

Jay Braxton, Senior Fit Technician from HANS Performance Products, makers of the HANS Device, will be at registration on Thursday with a display of their products. Mr. Braxton will be available on Friday as well for HANS Device product support.

Note: Do NOT park directly in front of the church doors; in the lot next door, or at the hospital or you WILL be ticketed and/or towed. We will NOT warn you again. The closest parking options are around the corner towards the Green or around the Green.
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