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Retirements as of 8:50 PM

Driver Car # Stage Mileage Reason
Seamus Burke 25 1 2 off road
Patrick Farrell 937 1 creek hit tree
Noel Nash 914 1 start drive shaft
Tim Paterson 107 2 1 on roof
Phil Smith 137 2 5.7 head gasket
Lesley Suddard 38 2 start ignition
Dean Fry 928 2 one gear
John Groo 869 3 0.6 electrical
Jason Rivas 136 3 2.55 ditch
Mark Higgins 5 3 head gasket
Tom Lawless 116 3
Bryan Hourt 71 6 3.75 mechanical
Henry Krolikowski 44 6 10.88 upside down
Tim O'Neil 29 6 start w/d
J.B. Niday 84 6 start w/d
Peter Workum 124 6 start w/d
Paul Tingaud 981 6 start bad fuel pump
Jeff Field 79 7 7.4
John Rahill 970 7 broken
David Anton 964 7 start did not start
Mike Halley 86 7 start sick co-driver
Tony Birbilis 876 7
Randy Zimmer 891 7
Bill Malik 28 1 Service rear axle
Robert Olson 534 1 Service clutch
Sylwester Stepniewski 64 5-6 Transit 5 to 6
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RE: Randy Zimmer

There was some confusion with the reporting of car numbers out over the radio net.

Both Randy Zimmer (891) and Mark Nelson (110) were erroneously reported out and I did not catch it until after it was posted.

Peter Steinberg
STPR 2002 Scoring Chief.

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RE: Randy Zimmer

Perhaps it was just that PerformanceRally staff was still just looking for something to use to disqualify Randy. He was followed by them on one transit and the weight of his car checked 3 times during the event including the at the finish. The new weight rule should be reviewed and possibly changed. Randy's car is borderline light although it has power windows, glass windows and not lexan, original dash, door panels and center console, he carries a big floorjack in the car and all the tools including power lugwrench, and has all original bodywork (not fiberglass panels) which aren't even cut up with vents. Its practically PGT yet too light for Open.
Seems they found a new scapegoat in John Drislane.

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Missing time card.

>Peter Steinberg
>STPR 2002 Scoring Chief.

Peter - Is there any hope of finding the time card we (Car #86 VW New Beetle) turned in at the SS7 ATC (to one of the control workers - a large fellow in a yellow t-shirt and vest) as we were departing? Figgins was coherent enough to call from the route book on SS5 and SS6 and I'd love to see our times on those stages posted if at all possible.

Halley ...
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