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all of the sudden, up was down
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Well, the website says "official results," so it's time to calculate the scores...

STPR regional winner: Doug Heredos by 2
STPR 2WD winners: Kent Gardam, Bryan Watson, Josh Cagle, David Weiman, Mason Moyle, Doug Woods, Carl Seidel, Dave Grenwis, robert lafavor, carey furlo, and Cameron Steely all got perfect scores!
STPR SPGT winners: Kent Gardam, David Weiman, Mason Moyle, Michael Fennell, Al Dantes, Peter Steinberg, Doug Heredos, Dave Clark, and robert lafavor all got perfect scores!
STPR overall winner: Doug Heredos by 1

Your STPR Champion is therefore Mr. Doug Heredos with a 5 point lead. Nice work!

About two months until NEFR and only three rallies left in the season. Can you pull off an upset? Here are the current standings:

Regional Champion: Brian Gottlieb by 9 points
2WD Champion: Josh Cagle is tied with Mason Moyle and are 3 points in the lead
SPGT Champion: five way tie between Michael Fennell, Kent Gardam, Dough Heredos, Robert Lafavor, and David Weiman
Overall Champion: Michael Fennell by 4 points
Grand Champion: Oh, hey, it's me with a 5 point lead. You guys can beat that, come on.

Get your picks in!
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