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>>Usually the much maligned Ralph Shaheen does the rally
>>coverage, but Dave Dispain did the recent WRC coverage from
>>Safari and personally I think he was MUCH better.
>What happened to the British announcer from he previous
>years? He was better by far, in my opinion. The guys they
>have now seem to have scripted their commentary for a low
>brow, non rally audience, which is unfortunate. It seems
>real silly that Speedvision is buying daily WRC coverage
>WITH ORIGINAL AUDIO and then spending more cash still,
>recording less interesting American voices over the expert
>commentary that was already there.

As someone pointed out in another thread, Speed buys the HALF HOUR WRC coverage plus extra footage and edits it into an HOUR show. The attached commentary wouldn't fit the hour format, so they add their own.

I think if we complain loudly enough, we could get Speed to cut back to a half hour with the original commentary...

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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