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all of the sudden, up was down
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In case any propickers still read this forum and haven't selected to be emailed:

Hi ProPickers!

Another twist to the Mt. Washington Hill Climb situation: I found out that the first stage will run at 7AM Eastern Time on Friday, so you only have about a day and a half to make your picks. Get on it!

Also, STPR results have been declared official! Time for results!

Overall: Tim Smigowski by 3 points
SPGT: 4-way, perfect score tie between Kris Yahner, Dave Grenwis, Ben Melini, and Corey Voigt
2WD: Al Dantes gets a crucial point to win with 7
Regional Bonus: Ian Seppanen and Blake Lind get near perfect with 18's

These are a lot of new names, so the championship is looking pretty interesting at this point! I'm now tied with Blake for the championship lead and veteran David Weiman is chomping at our heels.

Good luck with your picks!
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