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Is it possible, or has anyone tried already, to establish rally's safety record ? I mean to the point of since 1972 , how many events, competitors and miles covered. How many "bad" incidents, serious injuries and most importantly landowners sued? How much revenue was brought into the communities we visited. I'll bet we're safer rallying than taking a shower or say hunting from the same roads. May be good info when seeking permission to use roads or facilities. Gene

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Whoa, you're all over the place! Good thing you "only" want
-30 years of competition records
-30 years of financial records
-30 years of legal records

>Is it possible

Short answer: no. Long answer: yes, if you had a couple
hundred grand to spend on the project. ;)

Try something simpler. Pick an event from 1972. Oh wait,
start even more basic: what events were there in 1972?
Ok, say you pick one. Now try to figure out with certainty
what years it ran. There's a project right there. That
will take you three weeks and a couple airplane trips.
Now try to find results from those rallies, or entry
lists. Yikes!

I think there are some people (like, maybe a dozen) people
in the US who have some (perhaps 20% collectively) of this information
in their head.

However, I'm not sure it's necessary: I don't know (but I'm
not in the dozen! ;) ) any situations where roads were
refused because there wasn't a 30 year safety record presented.
It seems it's mostly "You've got insurance? OK!" and after that
the only concern is 'fugative dust' or something ridiculous. :)

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