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Stage Note Dilema

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Ojibwe Forests is fast approaching, and Kim and I are excited about the prospect of running stage notes. We both agree that they will be fun, and hopefully make us faster. Problem is, we don't know which ones to get, numeric or desriptive. Kim is voting numeric, as that's what his top secret codriver advisors are telling him to use. I prefer descriptive, becuz it is similar to the tulips we've been using. I'm afraid the use of too many numbers with the numeric notes may lead to confusion, and John Dillon and I used the descriptive nomenclature had a club rally this year and I loved it.

Hmm, this is easy to solve. It's my car, my money, so we use my notes! But......our top secret advisor's know their stuff, and we respect they're opinion. Also, there is a rumor floating around that in the future the notes will only be offered in numeric format???

Since we are starting from ground zero, we can learn either system. Which one do we go with (and NO, I don't want to try both and decide)? I've noticed the pros use both numeric (Macrae/Grist) and descriptive (Burns/Reid). I don't want to learn one system, only to have it become obsolete! Of course, I could just email the PRB on this, and probably will, but I enjoy the instant gratification of the rumors and lies put forth on SpecialStage. :)

So, what say you?

Dennis Martin
[email protected]
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RE: Numeric

>2) I recommend numeric
>Having said that, if the driver asks for advice, my advice
>is numeric.
>It relates to relativity. Everyone knows that 5 is "more"
>than 4 which is "more" than 3, but is "K" more than
>"medium"; is "medium" more or less than "bad"? (If you had
>to think about it for more than a microsecond, you and stump
>have become one.)

I would suggest numeric too. All three drivers I've worked with have adapted to it very quickly, and it gets away from the interpretations thay you may have in your head for what a Medium or Easy corner is.

BTW. DO NOT think of numeric as being able to tell you what gear to use. Think of it as gradations of radius. These are not pace notes.

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