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>Why aren't they contracting out the winner of the RA series?

Because Ken brings DC Shoes money and Travis brings not only money, but an image that is recognized outside of rally (and both are pretty good drivers). Pat has the talent, but he doesn't have personal sponsors who will bring the kind of money needed.

>And isn't it kind of a burn when a brother and a sister and a
>few neighbourhood friends can take down the whole series on a
>shoestring but then they don't get "signed" when it comes time
>to get the factory team together.

Since the 'factory' team is a continuation of the existing effort, what did you expect?

>What more does one have to do??

Bring money, lots of it. Preferrably other people's money.

>It seems pretty lame.

Well, its happened before, and it will happen again. You only need to look at the Sprongl brothers.

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