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>If there were some kind of formalized accounting mechanism I'd
>be willing to throw in a couple hundred bux (provided 100
>hundred others did too) to send our fastest off to compete in
>at least ONE PWRC event.

>FWIW At least Subaru of Canada DID send the fastest driver in
>Canada to the PWRC in 03.

I too, would throw a hundred into the pot. The problem is that to send Pat to Mexico, we would need more like 400 people to throw a hundred in. No sense in running the event on the cheap. To go and be noticed it has to be done right.

I am more disappointed with Subaru Canada pulling out of rallying in Canada at the end of the season in 2004. Disappointed but not surprised as they were the only manufacturer supporting the series.

I wonder what it cost Pat to run the entire RA series last year? Would 400 people throwing a hun in the pot cover the costs of Pat running the series this year? Probably not, even for Pat, who seems to be able to do more for less that most everyone else/
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