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Last season I got over feeling guilty about asking for financial help from codrivers, I also didn't argue when a complete stranger handed me a sponsorship check in a Missouri truck stop on the way to Maine '01, but when I borrowed Jon Hamilton's idea to offer indiviual supporters the chance to find their names on the StudBug for a minimum contribution I can tell you I was feeling a little uncomfortable.


But the response to the program has been amazing and the excitement of the contributors is palpable! Better, the $10 contributions are in the minority wjhile a few PayPal donations have been 10 times that amount! The contributors are truly enthused that they get to see their names on the car and the entire newbeete.org site is behind us as evidenced by the StudBug pic on their home page and rotating banners flashing above their very active forums pages. Check it out!


And these:





Halley ...
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