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A snippet fromthe TVNZ review.....

"In a rally clouded by injury to spectators and media, it is easy to overlook one thing... Rally New Zealand rocked.

Ask the drivers, ask the teams, ask the fans. All loved it.

But inevitably at least some of that shine will be smeared by the injuries that took place two days in succession. Near the end of Leg Two Markko Martin's Ford Focus tumbled down a bank. As a British TV crew filmed and spectators tried to help Dimitar Iliev's Mitsubishi Lancer followed Martin down the bank pinning one man to the Ford, and hurling two TV crew aside.

All lived, but the pinned man is still in intensive care. At the time, many commented at what a rare event the accident was. How unbelievable that we should see a repeat today.

Again, the accident involved a British TV cameraman. He was hit on Campbell 2, the 24th Special Stage of the rally, receiving a badly broken leg.

His colleagues were baffled. The television company concerned sends dozens of cameramen to every World Rally Championship event. But as one of the injured men's colleagues told me, "We haven't had any injuries all year. Now we've had three in two days."

And that says it all. The accidents were freak bad luck rather than a trend".

........On the Rally NZ site it stated the injured in the first incident were on their way to hospital either by chopper or ambulance within 14 minutes of the incident.

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