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>>4. The $20 spectator fee was our idea and I make no
>apoligies for the charge. This is the only professional
>sport in the country that does not charge a spectating fee.
>We will continue to charge for spectating at this event.

My friend, who had never seen a rally before, traveled a long way to the event, and didn't mind the $20 bucks he spent at the Whitewater Center for a ticket. What he did mind was that he got absolutely nothing for the $20 he spent. He got no schedule, directions, tips, safety rules, etc. He got absolutely nothing. When he asked how to get to the stages, the ticket seller gave him a blank look. Of course his negative experience was exacerbated by the fact that when he did make it out to the stages, he didn't get to see ANY rally cars in action. He saw absolutely nothing except endangered dead leaves (which I recognize was not the organizers fault). It does seem that the organizers could have provided a spectator packet, or directions to the stages, at the very least. Even the free rallies do that.


Jeff Field
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