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I think one of the most important positive things that came out of the spectator segment of CT is "If you charge them, they will still come." If I might be so bold as to paraphrase a great line.

There are several other events, perhaps even just stages, that are known to have issues, that probably could be resolved if there was some money to implement some extra safty precautions.

With all due respect to the LSPR staff, I think they'd agree that if admission was charged to climb up Brockway mountain, it would be possible to purchase or rent fencing and such to help keep the spectators at a much safer distance from the edge of the road.

I for one think that most people would be willing to pay even a very modest $5 to go up the mountain, particularly if the stage was scheduled to run twice.


Just remember, innovators always take a lot of flack... Just look at Smokey Yunnick!!! :)
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