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spectated at scottosh borders rally.....

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i went to uk to see my sister during her spring
break. so i wanted to see a uk rally. we went up
tp the uk scot border and saw this rally. it was
way cool. they are so into it over there. i also had
my avis Ford KA for 2 more days so i hit every lake
district back road. sheep, stone bridge, blind crests,
and tons of turns! best part of the trip. there was a
focus WRC, and some escort wrc's. some vintage. all my
pics are lo res crap but worth a look. http://www.bcdbcd.com/pic.html

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Cool - Thanks ...

I just hope if certain local federal beaurocrats see this:

http://www.bcdbcd.com/uk/Scottish Rally/images/0026_004.jpg

they'll realize it's the UK and not here! ;)

M. E. "Mad Mike" Halley, RealAutoSport, LLC.
yeh, that guy in black was a little close.
he was 10' from the inside. i had my defining
moment watching a wrc escort go through 6 gears
in 3/4 of a mile coming into that
turn at 60. it will be burnt in my mind forever.
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