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This post has been adapted from my comments in the "20-year rule" thread.

As a general community advocate, could a part of this forum can be dedicated to rules haggling with a mechanism for cc'ing rules bodies?

I realize that emailing the PRB or ARSG isn't difficult. It is perfectly reasonable to poo-poo an issue if people aren't willing to copy their comments over to their email program. That said, I see an opportunity for a new tool for the general North American rally community.

In addition to the "Post" and "Poll" functions, Special Stage could have a "Petition" function that would work much like the poll -- there is an initial article that makes a proposal, a choice made by the petition's poster as to the organization to send it to: SCCA PRB, NASA ARSG, CARS, NWRC, ORG, CRS, etc. The petition has a week to gather signatures. Instead of having a link for a "Reply", the link says "Vote", which takes you to the post form which requires the voter to choose "Sign Petition", "Disagree with Petition", or "Abstain", and allows a short, 300 character comment.

At the end of the week, the petition and a list of all responses sorted by "yea", "nay", and "um" is automatically emailed to the chosen target, with the petition originator cc'd for their records and general quality control.

Selected profile information (full name and club affliation, mostly) could be included with each signature.

Whaddaya think, Jim? I remember you mentioned that you were in the middle of redesigning the site. Could this be realistically implemented?


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Honestly, if any club asked us to allow them to post polls to get feedback on issues, I'd be all in favor. All they need to do is ask.

As far as posting up every issue for a vote, that would take a lot of work and would have no guarantees of being read. I, for one, do not want that job.

Petitions? I'm not so sure it would be worth having that as a feature, and we still need someone to create and maintain each issue.

Some things to consider regardless.
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