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Thanks to the generosity of a former POR worker and associate who has gone on to MUCH bigger and better things, I've scored a room at the Ox Yoke Inn about 20 miles outside Wellsboro.

A single bed is available for those in need for Fri and Sat nites (arriving very late Thurs nite) at the split-it-down-the-middle price of $23 per nite.

Unsure if this is a nonsmoking room, but even if it isn't I'll defer to my roommate and step outside to indulge in the demon nicotine.

Email me (after 5pm eastern today, I won't be able to check emails until Tuesday morning) or call me at home 937.256.3783 (no answering machine, but it stores incoming phone numbers -- I'll respond to them in the order they came in).

Charlie KA8OQF

PS Thanks to all those who came up with ideas for me for other accommodations -- scored this room last nite at about 5:15pm.
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