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Entry is open for the second annual Rally Test Day near Ridgecrest, CA to be held April 9th, 2016. Sign up now to reserve your spot. Entry is limited to ten drivers.


• $265 per driver early entry fee (by April 1)
• Entry limited to 10 drivers maximum
• Drivers may share cars, but each driver must pay full entry fee
• Co-drivers allowed but not required
• NASA Rally Sport License, Medical Form, and Membership required
• Full safety gear required (current helmets, harnesses, fire suits, head and neck restraints, etc…)
• Current logbooked rally cars only
• 5-mile closed road on private property outside of Ridgecrest, CA
• Course loops back on itself - no waiting for a turn around!
• Sandwich lunch provided for all participants

Hello fellow Southwest rally competitors! I am putting together a rally test and tune day outside of Ridgecrest, CA on Saturday April 9th. The event will be fully sanctioned and insurance by NASA Rally Sport as part of their test day program. This means the event will only be open to licensed drivers and co-drivers with log booked rally cars and full safety equipment (helmets, fire suits, head and neck restraints, etc…). Expect the same safety protocols you find at a rally, as well as the standard NASA Rally Sport liability and medical insurance. In other words, a chance to get plenty of seat time at rally speeds on a closed road in a safe and legal manner. You will get multiple passes on a closed course, with the option to service your vehicle between runs, or just get back in line and go again – it’s up to you. This is the perfect opportunity to shake down those new changes to your car, dust the off-season rust from your driving skills, or practice notes with your co-driver before the CRS season ramps up. This is not a competition; there will be no timing, scoring, trophies, or flair. Rest assured there will be a porta potty. A sandwich lunch will also be provided for all participants.

This year we are working with the property owners to have the full five mile course professionally graded before the event. The full course offers a wider variety of corners than the two mile loop used last year, including some high speed sections. With a longer course and fresh grading we expect the surface to hold up throughout the day.

El Nino Clause: With meteorologists still expecting heavy amounts of rain to hit Southern California this season, there is always a chance a late storm could hit after the course is graded but before our event. If this occurs and there is substantial damage we will work with the property owners to decide if the course is still in satisfactory shape. In the event that a storm forces cancelation of the event, entry fees will be refunded in full.

Early entry is $265 per driver. Multiple drivers in the same car are allowed, but each driver will have to pay the full entry fee. Car swapping is allowed, so if you want to trade vehicles with a friend and see whose car is faster that’s fine, as long as all drivers are registered entrants and the vehicles pass technical inspection. Co-driver swapping is also allowed, as long as everyone riding in the car has a current NASA license and membership and is registered for the event. Just want to get some seat time without a co-driver? That’s fine too – co-drivers are not required.

All membership and license paperwork must be completed beforehand! Be aware that NASA Rally Sport now requires a medical form filled out by a doctor in order to compete. The NASA medical form must be completed by a physician and sent into NASA Rally Sport before the event! The medical form is available here: http://nasarallysport.com/rules-forms/NRS_Form_Medical.pdf.

Entry is limited to a maximum of ten drivers. Payment must be received in order to secure your spot on the entry list. If more than ten paid entries are received, a waiting list will be maintained on a first-paid basis. The deadline for payment at the early entry rate of $265 is Friday, April 1st. Payment received after April 1 is $295 per driver. Drivers may withdraw on or before April 1st to receive a full refund. Any driver withdrawing after April 1st will receive a 50% refund.

Email me at [email protected] with any questions.
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