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Rachel Smith is the rallymaster for Citrus Blossom Special coming up on April 28th. It is a daytime tour rally designed for beginners. There are no traps to trip you up, only great roads and scenery. It’s a good event on which to
practice your timing techniques. And it runs in the daytime which means you can see the signs and scenery! This rally runs primarily in Ventura County, and ends in Valencia at Islands Restaurant, 24180 Valencia Blvd. The flyer can be seen at www.smscc.org.

If you have run CBS before, you know that Rachel likes stick maps and usually has one as part of the rally. This year there is, again, a stick map – but it is being scored separately from the rest of the rally. There will be separate awards for the best car in each class on the stick map. The overall awards will be given for the best scores in each class, NOT including the stick map.

Read the General Instructions at www.smscc.org.

Both driver and navigator must be SCCA members. If both are not, you can buy a weekend SCCA membership for $5 per car. (Additional passengers do not have to be SCCA members.) Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

Minors: For a minor to participate, both parents must sign the SCCA Minor Waiver. See the SMSCC website at www.smscc.org for more info.

Info: Larry - [email protected] 310-270-8826
Jeanne – [email protected] 310-625-3581
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