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all of the sudden, up was down
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Results are in!

Hello Propickers!

Sno*Drift Winner: 2008 and 2010 Grand ProPicks Champ, David Weiman by a slim 1 point lead.

Overall category winner: Blake Lind made a perfect choice to score a perfect 20. Nice start, Blake!

SPGT category: Ben Melini and Blake Lind tied with two perfect 10's.

2WD category: With a limited field to choose from, 28 people tied for first with 4 points.

Regional winner: Veterans Doug Woods and David Weiman tied with 12 points.

Nice work, everyone!

For the technically interested, I fixed a small bug that pretty much ignored B-Spec competitors on every page except the pick page. I also have a plan to implement opting out of my awesome reminder emails, and an idea hatching for a regional competition. Stay tuned!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts