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There is a lot of discussion about spectators and spectator areas in a few other threads so I thought I would share:

Sno*Drift 2006 will host 11 viewing opportunities.

Friday there will be:
2 viewing areas with 2 passes each.

Saturday will have:

Early AM - 1 area - 1 pass
Morning/Lunch -- 1 area - 2 passes
Lunch/Afternoon -- 2 areas, one with 1 pass, one with 2
Evening -- 1 area - 1 pass

While this is great for the spectators, it will tax our budget, tax our Emergemcy Response Teams, and tax our Marshals.

We could host additional areas but basicly we are already beyond our resources.

For those who believe we(rally) need more focus on spectators please reply below -- we need Marshals, Radios, and EMTs -- One person could easily play all three roles by passing two simple tests (Radio and First Responder).

So please step up to the plate, let me know you are coming and that you are taking the required classes and tests so that we can staff our current plans and add 2-3 additional spectator locations.

Thank You For Your Support!

See you in the Sno*,
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