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Big ups to Breten Kelly for getting some shots for DI. Last minute we were able to get him some credentials and i'd say he delivered the goods. Check out some great shots here, and there's plenty more on our flickr gallery (click here to view the gallery now). RA has made us only provide smaller low-res images via flickr. Rally teams, if you're looking for a shot in high-res please contact us, we will help you out.

View All the Photos Here

Mirra had a great comeback despite mechanical problems.

Keep an eye out for Jared rocking some DI vinyl at round 2

The Hansons racing the top spot on the podium!

Ziptie rally rocking it.

Slippery conditions...

Damaged suspension in the trunk.

DI represent!

Story by B. Kelly
This years sno*drift was less icy and a lot faster than last years. The fast speeds made it more entertaining to see the cars whip by in the road compared to last years driving slow on the shoulder for grip. It seem to also be a different feel as well. Being that Travis Pastrana and Ken Block weren't racing, it seemed to have a little less spectators than last year. There was not as many fan boys as last year. But Rally America was still selling Ken Block shirts as well as nitro circus shirts.

With the higher speeds seemed to have a lot of people still spinning and going off the stage. L'Estage crashed out early on day one followed by new Subaru driver Higgins on stage six to a blown engine. With those two out it open up the opportunity for Travis Hanson a super production driver get the lead on day two. It was his first time ever being first on stage. At the end of day two Travis and his father Terry Hanson as the co driver took 1st overall in their 2007 STi by a lead of 3 minutes and 53.1 seconds ahead of Dave Mirra. Making Travis and terry the first Super production car to win a National Rally America event over all. Dave Mirra and Joseph Burke were battling it out for 2 all day but at the end of the day it was Mirra that got second by 5.2 seconds.

As i was leaving the last service on day two and this car pulled up with absolutely no front driver side wheel. I didn't get any of the story of what happened but It was cool to see the car drive up and drive away. I heard they had all the parts in the car. This Years Super Special was much faster that last years. Even had a small crest in the straight away that a few cars got air on.
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