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Sno Drift 2004

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So, Who's going, I mean competitor's? I want to go, Do people want me there???? :+ this would only be my 2nd snow rally. What is the best way to fly into the event. I'm thinking Flint and drive the rest of the way.

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Just want to second Joe's recco fo Gaylord.

Plenty of hotels to choose from, lots of ammeneties.

Allow yourself about 45 minutes for the 30 mile commute, but a fairly easy drive & tow.

For the adventurous and those on a really tight budget there are many little places to stay, but as said some are a gamble.

If you can get a crowd together the best place to stay is probaly the Thunder Bay Resort in Hillman. These are very nice chalets but it takes 8 or more people to make the prices worth while.

Advice: Make a reservation and ask questions: Are there phones in the room, when were they last remodeled, how many rooms total in the facility?

If you are at all concerned after making reservations send a note to one of the organizers and we will try to honestly asses the accomadations.

This is a rally after all, if its warm and dry consider it success ;)

See you in the Sno,
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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