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RE: rusty a-go-goo

>However, fans,
>>sponsors (and potential sponsors), and forestry officials
>>get up close and personal in our sport.
>I guess I don't see the benefits site of a club team looking
>professional. How does it contribute to happier forestry
>officals? How does it contribute to happier fans?

When trying to get - and keep - road permissions and community cooperation for rallies Club or Pro, we try to present as professional an image as possible...everything is done on letterhead...all the paperwork looks good...you get the idea. After that buildup, if we show up with a bunch of junky-looking cars, there's some suspicion that we're just a bunch of yahoos with a laser printer...not to mention that for the locals we're hard to distinguish from the kid down the street with the loud junker.

That said, I don't think that any ClubRally I've seen has been - overall - so disreptable to cause a problem...but if you ask me if trying your best to be presentable is a good thing, I'll say yes. Even if you only use Jerry's 50-50 rule, it helps. Spray paint is cheap...

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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