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RE: rusty a-go-goo

While I am a supporter of the ugly but safe concept, I do feel that it should be strongly suggested that cars look good and very well maintained.

I think there is another advantage to having a professional looking car, it makes you feel like more of a professional and possibly act like one. Perhaps it is just my insecurity but at my first rally we barely got the silly thing on it's wheels so the paint was old, pealing and really damn ugly. We put a couple hundred into paint and a few weekends in the back yard and the car looked really good, but we also felt more respectable and like one of the competitors. Naturally we rolled the thing two months later and the car then spent a whold year looking like crap and I felt like some red-headed stepchild.

I am now very proud of how our car looks (although it is always third to safety and performance) and we do put effort in making it look presentable. This year it even paid off by getting invited to the LA Auto Show.

It takes less time than you would think and can take only a few dollars to make a car look pretty good. 8 hours with some bondo and sandpaper, $40 in cheap automotive paint and a rented spray rig, 2 yards of vinyl and suddenly you are a respectable 30/30.

Bradney A. Boli
Over Exposure Racing
Honda Accord #311
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