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RE: Should Junk Be Allowed?

>I think the correct choice(that required by all amateur &
>professional racing series) has not been included. All cars
>in both National and Club rallies must be clean, undamaged,
>and rust free. If we allow junk, we reflect badly upon the
>sport to sponsors, the sanctioning body, governmental
>bodies, & insurance companies, and the public. It is easy to
>do(in 20+ years, I never showed up at a rally with junk). A
>clean, presentable car also makes the job of the scrutineers

I know plenty of tech inspectors that use the appearance of the car to determine how hard they look at the car. If you didn't have enough time to clean up your car and make it spotless, then you probably didn't take the time to check other "more important" things. The tech inspectors take their job seriously and bringing in a spotless clean car with no dirt under the hood whatsoever is the fastest way to get through tech I know of.

Plus, I've had a running joke with Joe Waterhouse (tech inspector in the NW) about having a clean car. He resorted to a white glove and still was able to find some dust... But he knows I take my safety serious by the condition my car is in.

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