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Hi Isaac, I've tried to email you but it keeps getting kicked back..here's what my note said..thanks!

Hi Isaac, I'm a fellow rallyist who happens to be off from his normal job
for medical treatments. I have a 16" open trailer and a tow vehicle. I
would be glad to
take you car down to Philly if you are interested. I'll charge you $1.25 a
mile loaded. That's .50 to .75 less than most professional haulers. I'll
treat your machine like my own. I'm flexible on dates also. If your
interested, please send me a note with some more info. You can always call
me on the cell, 614-284-2365.

Mike Burke
Irish Volunteer Motorsports
Home 614-263-6142

Mike Burke
Advisory I/T Specialist
IBM Corp.
Honda of America
Data Center Operations Manager
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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