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This was posted by Mr. Bill Perry on thursday in the Sediv Section I thought everybody might be interested.

This is the site where we ran our CT press stage. From from I've heard 3rd hand it looks like these might be our last Tarmac Rally Series @ this site .

Sanction papers for the Enterprise South I ClubRally will be submitted today. It will be a Coef 3 ClubRally, one hundred percent Tarmac surface. Date is June 29, at Chattanooga, Tennessee. About 68 stage miles and only about 10 transit miles.
Final road approval hasn't been received, but we are told it looks good to receive that approval.
This is planned as the first in a Series of three Tarmac ClubRallies to be held at the Enterprise South Industrial Park location, with trophies for series leaders. The other two events are planned for September 14 and November 2.
Co-chairs are Mike Strawbridge and Wilson VonKessler.
For more info, as it becomes available, see:

Bill Perry

So come one come all.

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Ooooohhhhhh Yeahhhhhh! The last one was a blast, this one looks to be even better. Just think, a SPECTATOR EVENT with NO FORESTRY SERVICE to screw it up! And a parc expose added, as well. Tarmac is a blast, there are so few in this country to try. I hope everyone will come down and give it a try!:7

Brian Flanagan
Fastech G2 #842 BMW 323is
"Look Dave- Pavement! I know how to drive on pavement!!!":+
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