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Bright sunshine and a warm breeze greeted the 20+ Competitors that showed up to run St. Louis Region's 2nd and last RallyCross of 2002. As always, some of the folks that were turned away at the first attempt to hold this event, when 3 inches of rain fell in the wee hours of November 10, were unable to return. But several folks that could not come THEN, took their place.

The course measured just a tick over 1/2 mile in length and the fastest runs timed were about a minute and a half. No sooner than the decision was made to give 5 runs, the sun began softening the surface of the field which had been quite frozen and covered by a good 4 inches of snow. Quickly the added run was taken back and scoring reverted to "the best 3 of 4". Even so, a couple of cars needed the help of a stiff rope to return them to the "racing surface" when they strayed to far into the cold sludge on the outside of turn 3. No harm came to any equipment, and the combo "timming vehicle / rescue truck / observation & photography platform" was able to make quick work of the extracations AND return to station fast enough to get a time for the errant drivers! (although we may have added a new name to the waiting list for a kidney)

We would like to thank everyone who showed up and especially those from outside our home region. They included competitors from Missouri, Chicago, Indiana, "National Staff" from Kansas, and a ClubRalliest from Chattanooga who will drive tonight to Huntsville Al. for another event Sunday! Results will be posted on the website shortly, as soon as the "extra coating" on the pylons is returned to the proper location. The Illinois Department of Soil and Errosion Control has agreed not to require the return of any "coatings" on the vehicles proper, sighting an inability to "identify" the make, color, or license plate number. Under concideration is holding another event at that location with the same course, as a number of drivers seem to prefer going in the opposite direction.

Bookmark this website and ask to be placed on an E-MAIL list to learn of future plans for a full schedule of events for the comming year brought to you by the St. Louis Region SCCA, "Home of the ClubRally National Championship".

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