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My background is in feature, television, and documentary/sports production and I covered both the Ramada Express and Rim of the World rallies for TV for several years. I built this system for my own rally car based on those experiences. It was state-of-the-art prior to the GoPro revolution.

Requires a MiniDV or other LANC-controllable standard definition deck or camera capable of accepting an external input to record. Nowadays, it would be perfect for recording audio from an intercom system with a witness cam on the cage for picture sync (we used a Peltor FMT-110 with a 1/4" mono out). Mount your GoPros elsewhere for more exciting angles, but know that you have a way to record the driver and co-driver CLEARLY!

* 12-volt Sony Super-HAD 480 line 4x3 NTSC camera with multiple lenses (I purchased the optional wider lenses and changing kit). Accepts 1/4"x20 standard threads for mounting.
* Aluminum Helmetcamera.com custom housing w/multiple lexan optical flat lens protectors (both ND and clear). (Housing is anodized black, but currently wrapped with white vinyl).
* Single-button, LED-indicated, skydiver-style LANC controller (controls on/off/record/stop).
* Misc. power, video, audio, and LANC extension cables.
* Custom Doskocil case with foam and audio amplifier (needed for some Peltor systems). Case has connectors for video, stereo audio, and LANC connections to connect to camera system, allowing the recording deck to operate in a dust- and shock-resistant environment.
* Lavalier microphone (possible to capture ambient audio on channel 2 if camera has stereo inputs).
* (2) AAA-specific power packs (8 x AAA = 12 volt) if you are unwilling to tap into the car's 12v.

$100 OBO.

(Click on Photos for Larger Version):

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