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So, there I was a few weeks ago, flipping through the June 3003 Sportscar looking for email addresses and trying to figure out how things got to where they are in the SCCA, when I ran across an article on page 6 that talked about the future of Solo and the Program Strategic Plan.
What the heck is that??
Back to May. Then back to April, where I found the Strategic Plan project outline on page 12.

Heavy stuff. Kinda shows that the SCCA is really trying reasess things I think. Proof is this link:

So, the reason for this post is to just let you all know about this project they have undertaken, and that there is a deadline for feedback on July 1st. Email addresses for feedback included in the article.

Would be great to post a link to it online, but I don't know if the content is to be found on the net. If not, then I'll type it in later.

Check it out. Seems pretty serious to me.


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