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I am really astounded that there is absolutely nothing about ClubRally being cancelled on the SCCA web site. On the other hand I can't say I'm all that suprised.

I mean I might understand it if it was just some people running the club after work or whatever... but these are FULL TIME, SALARIED employees supposedly running the program, ostensibly on OUR behalf??

I really do not understand why time and time again they can't be bothered to communicate directly with their members and those who are DIRECTLY AFFECTED by the decisions they make, deciding apparently in private, and then distributing the decision to some secret group (or those who just happen to call at the right time). It's one of the worst run businesses I've ever seen, and having lived through the dot-com bubble I can say I've seen some pretty hokey operations first hand. I mean is it supposed to be up the ORGANIZERS to tell all the poeple who have invested thousands of $$$ and hours that their season of racing just went *plop*? I mean look at all the wild speculation. We know for a fact that top SCCA Rally muckity-mucks are on this board and yet there seems to be NOBODY IN CHARGE of communicating what is FACT or any reasons or anything. Just like usual.

If the leadership is playing deaf & mute because the details have not been worked out yet... I can see this argument coming... well the details about EVENTS BEING CANCELLED seem to be pretty well worked out so the cat's already out of the bag. If the ducks aren't lined up then THE NEWS SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN LEAKED. If the argument is "oh we cant say anything because of legal investigation into Ski-Sawmill" - baloney, I don't see how posting something saying "insurance for clubrallies only has been cancelled, we're REALLY REALLY REALLY SORRY, we don't mean it as a snub to all you Club guys which are the CORE of the whole program" (if that's even the reason - more speculation) could jeopardize any pending trials. Surely Mr. Super Marketing Whiz "I got the chops" Kurt Spitzner knows how to write a 1 paragraph frickin' PRESS RELEASE in 24+ hours since this was leaked?

I'm *seriously* considering NOT running any SCCA events EVER just out of principle. I am so disgusted by the whole operation I can hardly put it into words. THis is really the last straw.

In summary: WHAT THE HELL?????????

I've had it. I really have.

Skye Poier

Vive le Prole-le-Ralliat!

PS: For the subtlety-impared: These questions are rhetorical. Of course "they" could have written a press release or otherwise communicated by now. This is a diatribe expressing my outrage and utter frustration.

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>I mean I might understand it if it was just some people
>running the club after work or whatever... but these are
>FULL TIME, SALARIED employees supposedly running the
>program, ostensibly on OUR behalf??

The decision was made by the Board of Directors, who are, in fact, volunteers, not paid employees. They are solely responsible for the information that is or is not posted.

Call your local Director and ask.


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Dude relax, as many complaints as I read here of the SCCA's knee-jerk reactions to various issues I would think that people would applaud the SCCA taking the time to think through the tragic events at Sawmill prior to issuing a statement. Everything that has been written here a SS so far has been speculation and assumption. So their is no cat and no bag. Let the board do its job. In this case I would imagine that there is no good decision that they could release.

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SCCA HQ called me at work yesterday to advise me they weren't issuing new ClubRally sanctions. I wasn't even thinking about organizing an event at the time. Seems to me they are trying.

NASA seems willing to sanction at least rallysprints. If so, the rulebook will closely resemble the CARS rules.

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Bruce, the Bod Should be able to depend on the same Paid Staff that we all should be able be able to depend on, and I am not talking about Sue.

The cancellation of a program is important enough I think Steve Johnson should be issuing the press release -- and far too much time has past to have no official word.

Let's face it our professional leadership has clearly proven themselves inadequate in many other situations at working on behalf of the interests of the membership. The have also proven themselves inadequate at working on the behalf of corporate investors. They are good at starting things and not seeing them through. They are good at, seem to strive to, upset the membership over both trivial and significant issues.

We are thier employers and customers -- we have to be right by the definition of our role.

It is going on 4 business days after the decision was made.

No official word from:
The BoD
The "insurance company"
The National Safety Stewart
The National Stewart
The ClubRally Stewart or Regional ClubRally Stewarts

This should be the responsibility of the paid professionals and they clearly are incapable of meeting the minimum expectations of thier responsibilities and their membership.

Still waiting,

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Skye,I'm new to these forums and I'm glad to see another Merkur guy here....also I'm sad to see what's going on here, but being a newbie and not an SCCA member yet-I'll keep my mouth shut for now :)
Sorry for the off-topic,but just wanted to say hi and good luck with your XR project-my 87(rallycross) XR has been on the backburner,but is almost ready to run.


Mike Ball
Simi Valley, Ca.
88XR4ti (daily driver)
87XR4ti (rallycross car)

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The Thread Degenerates . . .

>There are about 10 of us building XR rally cars. You need to
>give John Vanlandingham a call for GrpA parts. 206-431-9696.

Uh oh! The thread is disintegrating of its own weight . . . the XR boys have discovered each other. ;-) A mass orgy of trivial Ford knowledge is about to commence.

Please let us discuss the merits of the Group A suspension mounts, BDAs, etc. etc. :p

Skye, don't go off on a tangent from your original post. However, that weight is puling you, pulling you toward the Merkur Black Hole. If you don't resist, you will never make it out. }>

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